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The research activities of the institute, carried out by four research groups, cover a wide range of areas in geotechnical engineering.


Research areas include important topics of foundation engineering, tunneling, soil and rock mechanics, and environmental engineering. Current projects focus primarily on:

  • Geotechnical design (typically including tunneling, soil–structure interaction, foundation engineering, geosynthetics-geosystem engineering, transportation geotechnics, flood-protection works, earthquake engineering);
  • Stability analysis (natural and engineered soil slopes and rock walls);
  • Sustainability of geo-structures (for example, in environmental geotechnics);
  • more complex coupled processes often active within natural and anthropogenic hazards (such as radioactive-waste disposal, including important aspects of clay mineralogy and problems relating to unsaturated soil mechanics).

Primary methods used include:

  • Modeling (physical, numerical, constitutive/material);
  • Laboratory element testing and mineralogical analytical methods;
  • In situ testing (field-site investigation);
  • Field measurements in soil and rock;
  • Advanced sensors and measuring techniques.




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